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Source: https://www.xbiz.com/news/270131/new-england-sex-work-summit-to-be-held-this-weekend-in-new-hampshire

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Sex worker advocacy groups ELA-ONE, the New Moon Fund and Ishtar Collective, along with individual advocates and allies, have organized the inaugural New England Sex Work Summit to be held this weekend in Manchester, New Hampshire.

ELA-ONE representative, Sssh.com studio head and director Angie Rowntree said that the New England Sex Work Summit “will bring together sex workers and their allies for a weekend of networking, learning and celebrating.”

Savannah Sly, director of New Moon Fund, described the event as “a rare opportunity for sex workers and their allies to convene as a community” and exercise their right of free assembly.

Ashley Fires, director of ELA-ONE, said, “It is my sincere hope that this first-ever summit will help reveal sex workers and survivors as everyday humans existing as neighbors, voters, tax payers and members of intersectional communities. Now more than ever, we need to foster community as we experience uphill battles against discrimination and challenges to our survival.”

Attendees can choose between two different Saturday programming tracks, one dedicated to advocacy and one to self-care. On Sunday, a private community brunch will honor the Transgender Day of Remembrance. Additionally, the summit will pay homage to activist Carol Leigh, who first coined the term “sex worker.” Leigh passed away on Wednesday.

“This summit is a game changer for our community,” said Henri Bynx from Ishtar Collective. “This event is opening so many doors for skill shares, support, and outreach. I think it’s also important to highlight that this convergence demonstrates to the world that sex workers will show up to care for one another in a myriad of big-picture spaces. We look out for each other, and can collaborate accordingly.”

A rep noted, “All current and former sex workers/survivors are invited to attend free of charge, but we ask that if you plan on attending as an ally or advocate to please donate to the summit. We are grateful for any support.”

Allies are welcome at all events on Saturday and Sunday, with the exception of the self-care track.

For more information, DM @Ela_Erotic or @ishtar_vt on Twitter.

Source: https://www.xbiz.com/news/270131/new-england-sex-work-summit-to-be-held-this-weekend-in-new-hampshire